Saturday, October 15, 2011

9th: Fox. Finally.

Medium: Tablet, Mouse, Photoshop CS2

As promised (whom did I promise to, anyway?), the final processes on making the fox. I cheated a lot on this one. Should have be more diligent to actually start the shadow and highlights but I couldn't be bothered at the moment.

Below is the actual fox.

Anyhoo molotovDango insisted on the shading... taught me a trick using layers-multiply and opaque/fill. So here you go. Shaded version.

Another Edit:
Just googled fox again. Feet are supposed to be black... but what-the-hey! I'm not gonna fix it! Just pretend they're black instead of white. Or you can pretend that it's a mutant fox. A dog-fox crossbreed. Whatever. I'm not gonna fiddle with the pic!

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