Thursday, October 13, 2011

5th: AnGEr

Medium: Tablet, Mouse, Photoshop CS2



Can't believe this took me 3 hours on tablet.

It began from TV trope's entry on ANGRISH. It had an example from Calvin & Hobbes, as follows.

Calvin's dad: "Slippin'-rippin'-dang-fang-rotten-zarg-barg-a-ding-dong!"

Thus, the drawing.

To quote the writing at the background:

"you are a total shit i cant even believe you are still alive even until now you a fucking useless piece of crap i hope you drop dead and burn in hell you puny and useless brainless effing idiot ball who just need to be fucked shit moron bastard useless excuse of alfdingzipadongbangcrasbotzetezaptatatarabiblipazepzingatahtahtahtah"

Totally didn't intend to write it at the first time. But well, since the topic is ANGER... why the hell not! Anyhoo, if the background was otherwise, the RAGE wouldn't have a strong impact.

And please pretend that I didn't draw SIX fingers.

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