Saturday, October 15, 2011

9th: Fox. Finally.

Medium: Tablet, Mouse, Photoshop CS2

As promised (whom did I promise to, anyway?), the final processes on making the fox. I cheated a lot on this one. Should have be more diligent to actually start the shadow and highlights but I couldn't be bothered at the moment.

Below is the actual fox.

Anyhoo molotovDango insisted on the shading... taught me a trick using layers-multiply and opaque/fill. So here you go. Shaded version.

Another Edit:
Just googled fox again. Feet are supposed to be black... but what-the-hey! I'm not gonna fix it! Just pretend they're black instead of white. Or you can pretend that it's a mutant fox. A dog-fox crossbreed. Whatever. I'm not gonna fiddle with the pic!

8th: Fox. The process

Medium: Tablet, Mouse, Photoshop CS2

My process when making something... Will finish this one at the next post.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Medium: Tablet, Mouse, Photoshop CS2


Totally cheated on the hands. Took picture of my hand upside down, resized & rotated it to fit the drawing, traced it and made it fatter so it looked like a guy's hand, copied it and flipped it for the other hand.

I did draw the arms myself though... One of them. I flipped and copied it again!

That being said, I still suck so much at anatomy. And the half-assed background fire is just to compensate the weird pose.

Crossposted on FB and begged, "Could someone please be kind enough to imitate this posture in real life and send the photo to me please... I can't figure out the LEGS."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

6th: 'Man'

Medium: Tablet, Mouse, Photoshop CS2

Work in Progress. The grey is the rough outline... not that the black is the 'soft' outline...

I should name this guy... maybe make him buff... with chest hair...

Too much playing Dragon Age 2. Goddamnit Varric, why are you so sexy!

Friend said, the left shoulder is too stretched out... need to fix it.

Or not.

5th: AnGEr

Medium: Tablet, Mouse, Photoshop CS2



Can't believe this took me 3 hours on tablet.

It began from TV trope's entry on ANGRISH. It had an example from Calvin & Hobbes, as follows.

Calvin's dad: "Slippin'-rippin'-dang-fang-rotten-zarg-barg-a-ding-dong!"

Thus, the drawing.

To quote the writing at the background:

"you are a total shit i cant even believe you are still alive even until now you a fucking useless piece of crap i hope you drop dead and burn in hell you puny and useless brainless effing idiot ball who just need to be fucked shit moron bastard useless excuse of alfdingzipadongbangcrasbotzetezaptatatarabiblipazepzingatahtahtahtah"

Totally didn't intend to write it at the first time. But well, since the topic is ANGER... why the hell not! Anyhoo, if the background was otherwise, the RAGE wouldn't have a strong impact.

And please pretend that I didn't draw SIX fingers.