Saturday, July 21, 2012

11th: That face meme...

So... I'm in the process of doing a meme. Just because... I saw a meme done with MALIK MY LOVELY.

Anyway...  meme's on the left.

Since I downgraded to a noob due to lack of drawing for god knows how long... I decided to start slow. So I was doing the poker-faced. Using Fesca.

It took me 3 drawings to finally got where I wanted it to be.

Here he is. The 3rd time charm. I had to use a bit green to draw the outline, since I told you I downgraded to a noob.

Happy on how it turned out, though it's messy as hell. But meh.

Next process is cleaning.

Since the drawing itself is messy... cleaning is HELL. Still currently doing it now... and I already feel like pulling my hair out.

Where has my patience gone?!

Wait... I never had one.

*rant rant rant rant rant*